Quality Policy

ESTORÁGUEDA, LDA., assumes quality as a key differentiating factor for its business. We therefore believe that it is our duty to be committed to continuously improving the quality of our processes and services in order to fully satisfy our customers needs and achieve our goals. The company’s market strategy is and will always be based on values such as responsibility, rigour, efficiency, solidarity and respect for human rights. As such, the company`s quality policy is:

Relationship with customers and suppliers
Consolidate and increase customer relations, fostering a close relationship with suppliers in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the products/services supplied. The aim is to fully satisfy customer needs and expectations, meeting their specifications and requirements.

Engage employees
Provide employees with the necessary training, so that they can carry out their activities competently in the persuit of increasing motivation for the internal organization of work, aimed at increasing produtivity. To provide a healthy and beneficial working environment for all employees in order to ensure their satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction
To achive the total customer satisfaction by supplying products/services requested according to their specifications and requirements, always trying to exceed their expectations, in accordance with legal, normative and regulatory requirements.

Continuous improvement
Continuously improving the quality of our products/services, efficiently dealing with possible complaints and non-conformities, promoting the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, always meeting the demands of the nowdays market, investing in the constant improvement of working methods and tools, in a logic of risk-based thinking.


Águeda, April 7th, 2023
The Management
Carlos Alberto Lopes Nunes

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