Pergola Markilux Markant

Fascinating in form. And function.
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Pergola Markilux Markant

Make the rain take a detour.
A free-standing awning system in a class of its own: the markilux markant awning roof
The free-standing awning system markilux markant is protection against sun, wind and rain, that can be tailored to your precise requirements. The awning, integrated into the frame, lends the system a textile character, its fabrics making it possible to create the pleasant colour ambience you have in mind. The markilux markant offers protection, security, freedom, outstanding looks and comfort in a purist design.

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Markilux Spring Sale

250€ Discount

When purchasing the Markilux MX-3, you will receive a 250€ discount on Lighting from March 20th to June 30th.