Markilux MX 1710

Fascinating in form. And function.
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Markilux MX 1710

Great performance. And beautiful details.
A folding-arm awning for patios, balconies and niches: the markilux 1710 and the markilux 1710 stretch.
The markilux 1710 interprets the classic awning shape in a contemporary manner. The conspicuously round torque bar merges organically with the round cassette to form an elegant design feature. Due to its shape and the timelessly beautiful decorative features made from polished chrome, the markilux 1710 will suit almost any patio.

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Markilux Spring Sale

250€ Discount

When purchasing the Markilux MX-3, you will receive a 250€ discount on Lighting from March 20th to June 30th.